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Let's Know What is Water Cup ?

The contest  is on! Over a hundred villages across three talukas of Maharashtra are competing for a grand prize of Rs. 50 lakhs, to be awarded to the village which can conserve the maximum amount of water.

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Thinkcode Team Supports Water Cup Initiative

Let's Share and Participate This Cause !

Thinkcode technologies do believe in helping people or good causes to be get spread among people around the world. The day Thinkcode comes to know about Water Cup initiative by Paani Foundation led by Satyamev Jayate Team, decides to be a part of spreading this good message to the world. Nowadays Water is the most serious issue among these days. Water Cup will held in three talukas in Amravati, Ambejogai and Satara on trial. If these efforts get succeeded will result in big movement of water conservation.  Motivated groups People with Government are working together in this conservation.  

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Aamir Khan On Paani Foundation

Do You Like the Water Cup Initiative By Satymev Jayate Team ?

Let’s Stop This thurst and fullfill happiness

Lets come forward to help people, farmers, society, government and ourself by forwarding this good news to the world on any social media platform you like. We would like to hear from you. We need more suggestions on water conservations. Give Help to Get Help.

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